Our continuous innovative effort has allowed us to develope new unique products and solutions. From our range of different new solutions we can highlight:

  • 80m Wide Gothic Greenhouses with our own design, provided with a 45% ventilation.
  • Mobile certified plastic film installation systems for working with the plastic film in a safety way.
  • Optimum ventilation mesh folding systems. Harmonica type mesh.
  • Big section gutters, capable of evacuating more tan 40 liters per second.
  • Unique profiles for fixing plastic film and mesh such as:
    • Agrosistemas profile
    • Asthor Profile
    • Asthor Aluminium Profile
    • Double Agrosistemas Aluminium profile.
    • Asthor S Profile.
  • Oval arches qhich give a higher resistance than the conventional arches:
    • Asthor Oval 65mm Arch: 30% more resistant.
    • Asthor Oval 90mm Arch: 130% more resistant.