Heating, cogeneration and CO2 feeding Ventilations and Fans Climate and Irrigation controlling

Cooling and humidification systems Growing systems Irrigation systems Screens

Harvesting and Spraying karts

Asthor provides its greenhouses with the best high tech equipment. Our work together with the best sector professionals enables Asthor to run the best quality high tech projects.

  • Climate control: the best climate control computers and sensors.
  • Ventilation: great efficiency automated ventilations, horizontal airflow fans.
  • Heating: air heating, water heating, energy and heating cogeneration systems, CO2
  • Screens: shading, energy, cooling or mixed screens. Automated driving systems and controls for combining different screens.
  • Nebulizers and humidity control.
  • Cooling systems, evaporative panels, hygrofrans.
  • Irrigation: irrigation systems and controllers, irrigation karts, water deposits, water treatment and recycling.
  • Growing benches fixed or mobile. Exhibition benches. Growing gutters.
  • Picking systems, harvesting karts, etc.