The Asthor Gothic Greenhouse has been designed for the most demanding horticulturists.

Conceived for both cold and warm climates thanks to its gothic shape, in the Asthor Gothic Greenhouse we have more inside volume of air, better ventilation, higher luminosity, improved evacuation of condensation and better conditions in general, all this including a stronger structure and a greenhouse which can hold any kind of crop. With Asthor Gothic Greenhouse we can achieve higher production and more uniformity in crops.

In the Asthor Gothic Greenhouse we can have double or simple vents, located in an upper position than the conventional greenhouses, allowing a better ventilation and evacuation of the condensation.

The angle between the roof and the Asthor Gothic Greenhouse surface achieves a better light transmission.

Available models:

  • Asthor Gothic 12,80
  • Asthor Gothic 960
  • Asthor Gothic 800

For other sizes and further information contact our sales department.