Asthor Convertible Greenhouse is a variation of Asthor Gothic Greenhouse, designed for warm mild temperature weathers.

In the Asthor Convertible Greenhouse the roof top ventilations are installed opened so the ventilation is continuous, but it can later be automatized with a small investment. The possibility of installing lateral ventilations maximize the greenhouse productive capacity.

The Asthor Convertible Greenhouse is an investment for those companies which want to make an initial smaller investment and plan a future investment for more productivity.

The Asthor Convertible Greenhouse has the advantages of the Asthor Gothic Greenhouse such as better luminosity, bigger inside volume, better ventilation, better condensation evacuation and in general more quality and profitability.

Models available:

  • Asthor Convertible 12,80
  • Asthor Convertible 960
  • Asthor Convertible 800

For other sizes and further information contact our sales department.