Since the beginning in 1984 of the sales and productive activity in the Northwest of Spain, Asthor has stood out for its quality in manufacturing and excellence in the service.

Driven by its entrepreneurial and innovative together with the needs of the clients to have products more adapted to their particular climate and growing conditions, Asthor has been designing and developing a wide range of greenhouse types, fact which have helped to widen commercial activities to other countries in Europe. A few years later Asthor spread its commercial network to African, Asian and American continents by supplying not only greenhouses but whole turn-key mid and high-tech agricultural projects.

With the extremely valuable cooperation of its agents, representatives and its own resources in foreign countries, Asthor is now serving clients in over 60 countries around the world.

Quality and customer satisfaction are Asthor main compromises. Asthor is searching to offer to its customers maximum quality products and services adapted to the changing needs, giving solutions to specific problems orientated to get satisfaction and fidelity.